snapshot of score of Short Change

Short Change for brass band

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24 May 2022

I’ve been neglecting this somewhat, but I can now report that Perfect Stranger’s inaugural gig took place as scheduled on 24 March at Karamel. It was well received by an enthusiastic crowd, and Karamel have asked us back — possibly as part of the London Jazz Festival in November, which would be fab!

Meanwhile, our gig on 6 July at Colchester Arts Centre is rapidly approaching — and we have a new drummer, not to mention another gig scheduled for October in Southend! More info on the Perfect Stranger page, where there is now also our so far one and only photo of the whole band! (It’s a bit clunky, but it’s only a stopgap until we get a proper site for the band together.)

Our Perfect Stranger videos are all up and published on YouTube and Facebook. There are four short films: one is a ‘taster’ with just extracts of the band playing, and the other three make up a mini-documentary including some of me talking about the project. Full details and links here.

The band now consists of these excellent people: Adam Bishop and Mick Foster (saxes, clarinets, flutes), Shanti Jayasinha (trumpet and flugelhorn), Tom Green (trombone, substituted by Paul Taylor for the Colchester gig), Alcyona Mick (piano), Rob Millett (vibes and percussion), Eddy White (guitar), Paul Michael (bass, substituted by Dave Manington for both Karamel and Colchester gigs) and Tristan Mailliot (drums) with me conducting (mostly, with the odd bit of fretless bass) — and they’re fantastic! There’s still the challenge of finding times when suitable combinations of these good people are available to rehearse, but I’m less concerned about that as we’re actively seeking further gigs and will try and rehearse as close as possible to each one. Once we’re really comfortable with the music — a few gigs in, I anticipate — we should be ready to make an album titled Unfinished Business, because that’s exactly what it is. Watch this space!

In Other News, I was delighted to report that, having first discovered that the recording of my Concerto for Trumpet and Brass Band (Richard Marshall, Grimethorpe Colliery Band, Elgar Howarth) was still available after all, then found it no longer was... now it is again... or it was... Amazon says, ‘Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.’ Bugger it!

PsychoYogi News

(For newcomers to this site, along with the activities described here, I also play fretless bass guitar in PsychoYogi — see my Biography.)

We took part in Intox Extravaganza’s summer all-dayer at AMP Studios in New Cross on 4 June, and we’re back at the Birds Nest on the 25th.

The ‘live’ videos of four of our songs have been well received and appreciated. These were not in front of an audience, hence my scare-quotes, but we did play and record in real time — it was all done in our sometime drummer Jonas Golland’s bedroom! It was good fun, if a little tricky to negotiate the stands for three mics, three cameras and three lights in a very confined space — but we managed. They’re all on YouTube: Therapy Session, The Magic Tellingbone, Happy Family and Evening Call.

We seem to be pretty much settled on the splendid Arnold Lane as our drummer these days — it’s good to have this stability, and he’s a great player.

The album Shrine is still available to download and/or listen to on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and Amazon (among others?).

Older News

Apart from all that, naturally, this web site: explore my works, find out about Perfect Stranger, read my biography, keep track of your harp pedal settings, and see what’s on the various other pages. You can also get in touch with me via the Contact form. And for those with a taste for historical technical curiosities, there’s even a page about my NotaFile document — and the document itself.

As well as listening to my MIDI recordings on this site, you can visit my channels on YouTube and SoundCloud to hear the same MIDI realizations of a number of my works, and see the same YouTube videos as you can see here, to get a glimpse of the scores (in most cases). These pieces are available:

Also on the Listen page is my standard disclaimer about MIDI recordings, and a note about browser compatibility with the players for YouTube, SoundCloud and plain MP3s embedded in these pages.

And in case anyone’s wondering, what I’m actually looking at in that photo is not the score of Short Change, but a large owl perched on my wrist.